Which of our multivitamins is the best?

All of our multivitamins work great and get you amazing results! However, most of the time people ask which one of them is the best so here's the long-awaited answer: they are all the same! The only thing that’s different between them is the delivery. Below you will find a table that has all the information you will need when selecting which one of our vitamins to buy

Product / Differences Just One Non-Chewable Just One Chewable Complete Vitamin Formula: Powder Complete Vitamin Formula: Non-chewable Tablet
Is it chewable? No Yes Yes No
How many a day? Just One Just One 2 per day 6 per day
Includes calcium? No No Yes Yes

Which vitamins are best comes down to personal preference and nutritional needs. We have two primary “lines” of multivitamins:

Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula:

This is a complete formula that contains multivitamins, calcium citrate, and iron. No additional supplements are needed to maintain healthy blood levels. This is a clinically tested and proven supplement that works best overall.

  • It’s available in a non-chewable tablet form and a powder drink mix. The formula is the same.
  • It’s a “modular formula” so it works for all procedure types, the dosage simply changes based on your procedure.
  • It’s clinically proven to be effective in preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies after surgery

Here are dosage charts:



Best for:

  • Patients who need the most effective solution at an affordable price
  • Patients who had juggling multiple different supplements
  • Patients who just had surgery and can’t swallow pills (powder form)
  • Patients who want to know they are getting enough nutrients to stay healthy for the long-term

Not good for:

  • Patients who have trouble drinking ~8 ounces at a time (powder)
  • Patients who don’t like swallowing pills

Just One Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron (once-daily formulation)

Best for:

  • Patients who dislike swallowing a lot of pills per day
  • Patients who just had bariatric surgery (chewable)
  • Patients who need an affordable option for their multivitamin and iron

Not good for:

  • Patients who forget to take all of their supplements - additional calcium is needed

Just One is our once-daily multivitamin with iron. As it sounds, you need to take “just one” pill per day for your multivitamin and iron needs.

This option is essentially the same as the previous two options (all-in-one tablet and powder) but it DOES NOT have any calcium citrate.

The good part is you only have to take 1 pill per day, but you do need to take supplemental calcium to get EVERYTHING you need to meet your daily needs.

Which leads us to BariBurst Calcium Chews…

BariBurst Calcium Citrate Soft Chews

The ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) recommends you get AT LEAST 1,500mg of calcium EVERY DAY. To do that you need a special kind of calcium.

One that is more easily absorbed by your stomach as it heals.

Calcium Citrate.

That’s why we made our delicious Calcium Citrate chews.

Just 3 of these every day will give you all the Calcium you need. When you combine this with the Just One multivitamin you get everything you need to stay healthy after bariatric surgery.

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