How do I cancel my subscription?

First of all, remember that your subscription can be modified! You can add a product, remove a product, push back a couple of months or, change the subscription frequency if needed! All is simply done by following the next steps:

Go into “My Account” > “Scheduled Orders”.

Once there you’ll see your scheduled orders, find the one you are looking for, and by clicking the change button on the top left you can modify the next occurrence date.

By clicking the other change button below you can change the frequency type and amount.

On quantity, you can change the amount of product you are going to receive every time the scheduled order is processed

To add a product you can search for it on the search bar

If its out of stock our system will inform you as well :)

To change your payment method you can click on the dropdown next to the card

You can also pause your schedule by clicking the Pause Schedule button, which works just as if you were to delete your subscription. We usually recommend pausing subscriptions to our customers in case they want to resubscribe again in the future!

Finally once you are 100% sure that you want to delete your subscription you can click the delete button on the right downside of the page

And this would be it! You successfully deleted your subscription.

Remember, if you have trouble or if any of these steps fail, you can always send a ticket using the beacon on the downright side of our page or send an email to and one of our agents will help you as soon as possible!

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